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Sebelius offers tech support for Obamacare Website

Sebelius offers tech support for Obamacare Website

Leave it to SNL to spoof some great tech support for the train wreck that is 



I call this post “what the hell?”

I came upon this link today:

and I absolutely could not believe it.  (Well, I guess I *can* believe it, but I don’t want to).

There is a company that is promoting CHEATING.  Well, they classify themselves as “tutoring.” Ha!

Quotes from their website:

“We take your online college courses for you and get you an A.”  Seriously?

“Life Is Too Short to Spend on Classes You Have No Interest In”  WTF?

As an online instructor, it’s hard enough to monitor for cheating students, but now there are businesses taking advantage of the opportunity for online cheating.  This makes my blood boil. 

I don’t “cheat” when I spend time developing my course.  I pour my heart and soul into each module and project to make sure that students get the most out of the topic and maybe have some fun doing it.  I use creativity to engage my students.  And all of MY hard work is being undermined by companies like this that think they are SO clever and can outsmart the institutions of higher education.

Enjoy it while it lasts Paul Wakefield because your “success” as a company will be short-lived.

I leave you with a piece of irony.